Wedding Websites: Do you have one, do you need one?

When you start writing your wedding to do list, finding a great bridal boutique to try on your favourite Venus Bridal Gowns is obviously a given, but what about building your own wedding website?

Believe it or not, it’s becoming an increasingly popular way to keep track of everything from your guest list to your dream gift list and there are lots of companies waiting to help you tailor make the perfect website to suit your wedding style. The question is – do you really need one? And why are bespoke wedding websites such a big deal anyway?

We all spend a lot of time online these days – from shopping to socialising, banking to blogging, almost everything can be done in a few taps from your phone or laptop so perhaps it’s no surprise that wedding planning is happening online too. And there certainly are advantages!

Keep Everything in One Place. Forget lugging around a huge folder of wedding admin – most companies will do the hard work for you – you can specify things such as your wedding theme, colours, any personal details you want to include; and they will build your site exactly the way you want. You can also make it secure so that only people you give a password to will be able to access your site – your guests, your caterers, your florist, etc. The best part? All that time saved will give you more time for wedding dress shopping!

Streamline your to do list. You can use your wedding website to keep your to do list in check – send your invitations, process RSVPs, even chase up late replies – you could save a small fortune on postage and phone calls! You could also use it to manage your gift list, which will also give you a readymade record of who gave you what when it’s time to write thank you cards!

Keep Your Guests in The Loop. You can add useful information to your website such as local B&Bs, Taxi Firms and so on. You could even set up a forum where your guests can chat in the run up to your big day!

What do you think? Have you/Are you going to build a website for your wedding? We’d love to hear about your experiences here or on Facebook.


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