Wedding tips: how to make sure your summer wedding goes to plan

We can tell you first hand – there really is no better feeling than when you realise that you and the love of your life are officially husband and wife. It’s no surprise that so many people describe their wedding day as the greatest day of their life.

The season of your wedding can have a huge impact on how you prepare for the big day. And with the infamous British weather, you’ll need to have several safety precautions even if you’re having a summer wedding.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a couple of essential precautions to make sure that your summer wedding really is the greatest day of your life.


Prepare for the weatherSummer wedding

We all know how unreliable British weather can be. This means that you need to prepare for all possibilities.

In preparation for rain, it could be a good idea to hire a marquee. Even if it doesn’t actually rain, you could still use this as a VIP area for guests to relax – spending all day on your feet can get tiring!

In preparation for a heatwave, why not put together an emergency kit to hand to your guests on arrival? You could include a paper fan to keep them cool, bottled water to keep them refreshed, and snacks for throughout the day. If your guests need to walk between your ceremony and reception venues, it could also be a good idea to include a small brolly in the guest-kit.


Avoid the flies

Depending on where in the UK you decide to get married, this could be a major issue. Mosquitos in the South of England and swarms of midges in the Scottish Highlands can be a real nuisance. Investing in some insect repellent for yourself and your guests will certainly be a move that you won’t regret.


Provide enough refreshments

Whilst the British weather is known for being horrible, it can get hot in the summer. And it can be easy to underestimate how many refreshments your guests may need to stay cool. It’s always safer to prepare for the worst – even more so if your ceremony is taking place indoors. Put together refreshment tables with a wide selection of water and juice. If you want to be extra careful, it could be an idea to ask your venue to stock up on extra supplies in case anything runs out!

Summer weddings

Come prepared

Last but certainly not least, it’s easy to get so caught up in preparing for your guests that you forget about yourself! Put together a bride emergency kit that one of your most trusted bridesmaids can keep on them at all times. This could include everything in the guest emergency kit and so much more. How about some essential make-up so that you can touch up your look throughout the day? Why not include some perfume to stay fresh? Maybe add in a few snacks to keep yourself going throughout the day? Some other suggestions include a mini electric fan, waterproof mascara and paracetamol, but of course it’s important to personalise this for whatever you see as being most essential.


If you want to take it the extra step, you could invest in a wedding dress that’s been made for the warmer weather. There are some truly beautiful wedding gowns, such as our Pallas Athena collection, which are designed to keep you cool on your big day. Why not start the search for your dream dress today?

Do you have any other tips to make sure summer weddings go to plan? We’d love to hear them! Why not send us a tweet with your tips or use the comments below?

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