Style Focus: Wedding Cakes

Food plays a huge part in most weddings. From the nibbles to the wedding breakfast, the choice of food can potentially make or break a wedding.

Arguably the most important food-related decision that you’ll have to make is choosing your wedding cake. Years ago there were few options that differed from the traditional wedding cake, typically made with several circular layers of sponge, covered with white frosting. But with so many different cake designers and each with their own unique style, this is far from the case anymore.Wedding cake

In our latest style focus, we look at some of the delicious cakes to choose from to make your special day truly unforgettable.


Marble wedding cakes

Marble wedding cakes have been growing in popularity over recent years, and none more so than this year. The truly unique style of marble cakes is sure to catch the eyes of your guests, with a sleek and glamorous look that would fit in at almost any style of wedding. Stick with fairly neutral colours for the best results, but why not experiment with other colours and see if you can create a marble-rainbow effect?


Naked wedding cakes

Icing isn’t everything. Have you considered having a naked wedding cake? Without a layer of frosting round the outside of the cake, this is a great option if you want a light wedding cake. Or at least as light as any wedding cake could be. It’s a trend that’s only taken off in the last few years, but one that we expect to become very popular. Seasonal fruits can be a tasty touch – for a summer wedding, why not add some mixed berries? For a winter wedding why not add some pears or apples?


Painted wedding cakes

Why not show off your creative side with a painted wedding cake? You could ask your baker to put your favourite painting on the cake, a portrait of you and your fiancé, or even a painting of some beautiful flowers. If you get this right, you’re sure to wow your guests. Check out these stunning painted wedding cakes for some inspiration.Wedding cake


Flowery wedding cakes

Having flowers on your wedding cake is a popular trend right now. We’ve seen people decorate their cakes with real flowers, plastic flowers, sugar flowers, and even use wooden tree rings as cake stands! If you’re already incorporating flowers into your wedding, this style of wedding cake can fit right in. Sugar flowers taste delicious too!


Personalised wedding cakes

After all, it is your wedding. Why not go for a personalised wedding cake? You could have edible mini-figures of you and your fiancé on your cake. Do you and your husband-to-be both love Star Wars? Why not design a Star Wars-themed cake? It doesn’t just need to be the look of the cake that’s personalised either – why not personalise the flavour? Do you both love lemon? Then why not choose a personalised lemon-flavoured cake? Your options are endless.


These are just a few of the many wedding cake styles you can choose from for your big day. Have you seen any styles that we haven’t mentioned? Maybe you know a wedding cake designer? We’d love to see! Why not send us pictures of your wedding cakes on Twitter or Facebook?

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