Style Focus: The Bridal Faux Fur Trend

With autumn in full swing, we know that lots of you beautiful Venus brides to be are hard at work putting the finishing touches to your wonderful winter wedding plans. Winter weddings are so beautiful, with so much potential for added sparkle and magic, but there’s one worry they bring up time and time again: how can you keep warm in glamorous wedding style?

Obviously you don’t want to cover up your perfect dream wedding dress under a winter coat, but equally you don’t want your skin to end up being your something blue! Full length bridal gowns and wedding dresses with sleeves are both great options to help add stylish warmth to your wedding day style, but today we’re looking at another idea: the bridal faux fur trend.

A faux fur wrap or shrug can be a fantastic way to add an extra layer of warmth without compromising your big day look. Depending on your chosen bridal gown, let’s have a look at how the trend could work for you.

If you’re opting for a classic strapless gown, almost anything goes as you don’t need to worry about your wrap catching on sleeves or straps. A simple short style stole will keep your bare shoulders warm on the way to your venue, looks great in outdoor photos afterwards, but can easily be taken off before you walk down the aisle so that your dress can be the star attraction during your ceremony.

If your perfect Venus Bridal gown is a full skirted beauty, you can afford to go bigger with your faux fur too, as they will balance each other out. Don’t feel that you need to match the fur colour to your gown either – a contrasting shade can look stunning. Think warm mink shades against ivory silk, or even black against a white gown for a really dramatic statement look.

Chic, simple gowns can be dressed up beautifully with a shawl or wrap fastened with an elaborate brooch to add sparkle and detail to your over all look. If you have a treasured family heirloom, it could even work as your ‘something borrowed.’ This idea works especially well for vintage style gowns too – if you love sparkle, why not go all out! You could even look to treat your bridesmaids to similar style faux furs and get them matching coordinating brooches as bridesmaid’s gifts they’ll treasure forever.

When you visit your local Venus Bridal retailer, ask them if they have any faux furs in stock that you can try on to get a feel for what might work with the gowns you like. Experiment with different textures and colours until you find something you really love and that compliments your dream dress perfectly. Are you planning to add some fabulous fur to your wedding style? We’d love to see your photos – get in touch in the comments or over on Facebook!


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