Style Focus: Bridal Bouquets – Beautiful Blooms or Something More Unusual?

Once you’ve ticked finding the perfect wedding dress off your wedding planning list, it’s time to start hunting down the perfect accessories to match. Whatever your bridal style, chances are a bouquet of some sort will be part of it – but don’t assume it must be made of fresh flowers!

More and more modern brides are opting for something completely different when it comes to their bouquet and there’s plenty to choose from! You know how much the team at Venus Bridal love all things wedding style related, so we’ve put together some ideas to inspire you.


Paper Perfection

Have you picked out an elegantly low-key bridal gown from the Pallas Athena collection? Are you planning a more relaxed, bohemian style wedding day? Then how about a quirky bouquet to reflect your informal take on wedding glamour? Intricately crafted paper flowers can look just as beautiful as the real thing, and the only limit is your imagination! You won’t need to worry about what’s in season either! We love these giant single blooms – they’d look wonderful matched to the colours of your bridesmaid dresses, or just your wedding colours in general.

Fabulous Fabrics

Just like paper versions, fabric flowers can be delicately crafted in any colour of the rainbow, and in any style you’ve got in mind. Are you planning to go abroad to get married on a sunny beach? Fresh flowers may wilt in the heat, but a bespoke  felt bouquet could add a stunning splash of colour to your Informals collection gown, and become a treasured keepsake too!

Very Vintage

Is your beautiful bridal gown a traditional style? Timeless glamour with plenty of sparkle?, then why not continue the glitz into your bouquet? Brooch bouquets are becoming a popular alternative to flowers, and they really are beautiful. Using either new pieces, or vintage finds, you can have a unique bouquet crafted to your own specifications. You could include family heirlooms, gifts from friends – it could even incorporate your something old and something blue!

Blooming Beauties

If you’re sticking with a traditional wedding style, (or even if you’re not!) you might prefer to stick with good old fashioned fresh flowers for your bouquet – and of course that’s absolutely fine! When you’re choosing what to include, talk to your florist about what will be in season, what colours will tie in with your wedding décor, and don’t forget to think about smaller posies for your bridesmaids and centre pieces too!

Are you planning something other than traditional blooms for your bouquet? Or do you have your heart set on a particular posy? Let us know in the comments – we love hearing about your plans!


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