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The team at Venus Bridal love to keep an eye on all sorts of wedding news – of course we’re most interested in bridal style and wedding fashion trends, but we like to keep up with everything else too!

Something we’re hearing a lot about at the moment, is ‘Instagram Weddings’ – where couples are essentially ‘crowdsourcing’ their wedding photos by having their guests label all their photos with their own personalised hashtag.

While we personally don’t think there’s any substitute to having a professional wedding photographer to capture those precious memories (and of course every stunning detail of your dream Venus wedding dress!), we do like the idea of enlisting your guests to help gather those extra candid moments you might miss while you’re swept up in the excitement of your big day. There are lots of apps available to keep track of your guests’ photos, but you can easily do it yourself too. With that in mind, today’s wedding tips are all about making technology work for you!


Be Unique

The first thing to do is come up with your own, preferably unique hashtag for your guests to use. Decide on one early and it means you can use it on your Instagram snaps and so on in the run up to your wedding, creating a sort of storyboard of your big day – from those first visits to bridal boutiques to try on your favourite Venus gowns, right through to your honeymoon!

Search your hashtag ideas online to make sure nobody else is using them, and get creative – use your names (#EllaLovesSam) or add a date to create something more unique (#EllaAndSam2016). Once you’ve decided, start using it whenever you mention your wedding plans online, and be sure to include it on your save the date cards and invitations too!

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Set Some Rules

The downside of technology, is that sometimes, it can detract from your big day. If you’ve ever been to a wedding where more guests were viewing the ceremony through their phone screen than in real life, you’ll know what we mean! Lots of couples choose to make at least their ceremony technology free zones – it can be very daunting to walk down the aisle while being blinded by dozens of flashes, and many couples would prefer their vows didn’t end up on snapchat with a heart eyes emoji! Remember; your day: your rules!

In the same breath, if you’d rather your guests didn’t post their photos on Social Media until after you and your groom have had the chance to upload your own, make people aware and ask them to respect your wishes. (You worked long and hard to find your perfect Venus wedding dress – you’ve every right to want to show it off in all its glory in a professionally taken photo before low-res blurry snaps are all over Facebook!)

Have Fun!

After your ceremony (and once you’ve had your professional photographer take the photos you really want), inspire your guests to get creative at your reception with a photo booth, a backdrop, props etc. You could even make a bespoke frame in the style of a polaroid picture, with your wedding hashtag included!


Collect The Memories

As well as your hashtag, you might consider including a note with your wedding favours, asking guests to email their original photos to you so that you don’t miss any. Some couples even provide memory cards and return address envelopes for the purpose – it’s certainly a step up from leaving single use cameras on each table at your reception! (Though we still think that’s a great idea too!)


However you decide to use modern technology to help capture your big day, we highly recommend making sure there’s an official photographer in attendance too, then you’ll have the best of both worlds to make sure you’ve got plenty of wonderful memories to look back on while you’re living #HappilyEverAfter!


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