Bridesmaids Gifts: Make them extra special

When you start planning your big day, probably one of the first decisions you’ll make, is who your bridesmaids will be. You may have decided years ago which friends you plan to ask, or it might be something you have to think long and hard about. Whatever the case though, your bridesmaids play a much more important role than just filling some beautiful bridesmaid dresses to match your wedding theme!


Your best girls will likely be there with you throughout the planning stages, from scouring Pinterest for the best wedding décor and favour ideas, pulling together wedding style mood boards to helping you pick out the best wedding dresses and everything in between! Chances are they’ll help you to plan the perfect hen party (or they’ll just surprise you with a fantastic outing to remember!), and of course they’ll be on hand throughout your wedding day to help you get ready, pour the bubbles at breakfast, calm any last minute nerves and wipe away any happy tears before they spoil your make up!

Yes, it’s safe to say that great bridesmaids are worth their weight in gold, so of course you’re probably planning to treat them to a thank you gift. The question is: what to choose?

Here at Venus, we’re great believers that the best gifts are the meaningful, thoughtful ones. They don’t need to cost a fortune, but the feelings behind them make them invaluable treats to be treasured. If you’re struggling to decide on the perfect bridesmaids’ gifts, we’ve put together a few ideas to help inspire you.


Jewellery – It might seem an obvious choice, but it’s a good one. You could pick up a sparkling pair of earrings, or a bracelet, from your favourite high street store & get everyone the same piece. This is an even sweeter idea if you choose a style they can wear on your big day to accessorise their bridesmaids dress. You could even buy yourself the same style (so long as it doesn’t clash with your wedding gown!), so that you have a common link on the day that you can treasure for years to come.

Bespoke treats – Personalised gifts are always well received and there are so many options to consider. How about satin dressing gowns embroidered with each girl’s initials? It’d make for a great group photo on the morning of your wedding day – the ‘before shot’ with your bridal gown hanging in the background. Tote bags can be easily personalised too, pop a bottle of fizz or some chocolates in each one for a lovely gift.

Luxury – Most of us enjoy the thrill of receiving a luxury designer gift, in the brand’s signature wrapping, so why not treat your girls to just that? Think small and you needn’t spend a fortune – for example a Chanel nail polish each, wrapped in style – even better if you choose the same shade you’ll all be wearing on the big day!

Matching sets – Whatever gift you decide to give, it makes good sense to give each bridesmaid the same, especially as those special ‘matching wedding treats’ will become treasured favourites, which could even be brought back out the next time one of you walks down the aisle!


Of course you should never feel obligated to give gifts at all, and if you do decide to; remember that it really is the thought that counts, not the price tag! Probably the best gift you can give them, is the joy of wearing a stunning Venus Bridesmaid dress and the honour of being such an important part of your big day!

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